Avarta is Creating the Most Secure Biometric Digital Wallet in the World

Singapore City, Singapore, 31st January: In a bid to provide the most trusted identity and authentication solution for blockchain applications, Avarta has inked a partnership with FaceTec, creators of the world’s leading 3D Face Liveness and Matching software.

Avarta provides customers with advanced standards of authentication and proof of identity using leading-edge authentication methods. To contribute to the growth of the Metaverse and DeFi space, Avarta is building trust into a carefully constructed scoring system so that people don’t have to know the person on the other end of the transaction, and yet will be able to transact in a safe manner. Users with higher trust scores can enjoy corresponding benefits such as priority access to new projects or lower collateralization rates. With Avarta’s patented Dynamic PIN Lock, device scoring and geofencing methodologies, Avarta is a cornerstone piece to the puzzle of anonymous trust in Web3.0.

Another important piece of the puzzle, FaceTec’s 3D AI provides orders-of-magnitude higher matching accuracy than even the best 2D face algorithms. State-of-the-art 3D Face Liveness virtually eliminates spoofing and fraud. FaceTec’s 3D AI technology has been successfully battle-tested in real-world conditions and defends the world's only Spoof Bounty Program, which spans the gamut of lighting, pose, shadows, expressions, glare, and camera quality and resolution variation. The simple, intuitive interface provides friction-free, fast authentication, ensuring quick acceptance and broad, daily use: If you can take a selfie, you can easily verify your identity and authenticate as a live human in about two seconds. FaceTec’s software now provides over 500M 3D Liveness checks annually for important implementations in finance, government, cryptocurrency, ecommerce, and social networking.

CEO of Avarta, Matthew Ainscow, said, “Our goal is to provide cryptocurrency investors with a user-friendly and highly secure non-custodial wallet, the most secure digital wallet in the world. With FaceTec we can achieve that goal.”

“We’re excited to be an important part of Avarta’s very smart, comprehensive approach to solving the critical issue of user authentication in blockchain-based crypto wallet solutions,” added CEO of FaceTec, Kevin Alan Tussy. “We’re honored to have FaceTec’s advanced 3D AI technology provide a foundational role in Avarta’s bold new approach to digital wallets.”


About Avarta

Replace complex private keys with your digital self. With Avarta’s patented biometrics system, users control which information forms part of their digital identity, allowing access of certain information to trusted parties and gaining priority access to regulated platforms that whitelisting. Building further on the decentralized Identity Management building blocks on multiple chains, Avarta can come up with a Trust scoring of the aggregated wallets across chains. This Trust scoring can help to identify and differentiate users based on multiple fields for better collateralization rates, a single point of whitelisting, and to build up users’ online reputation in the Metaverse.

For more information, please visit Avarta.io.


About FaceTec 3D Face Biometrics

FaceTec’s pioneering 3D Face liveness detection and matching is fast becoming the global standard in onboarding, KYC, and ongoing authentication, and stops ID fraud and unauthorized access for millions of users on six continents for many of the world’s leading organizations in IAM-IDV, financial services, mobile payments, border security, connected transportation, blockchain-crypto currency, e-voting, and more.

FaceTec’s 3D Face Authentication Platform features:

  • 100% software, for all modern smartphones, tablets, and PCs with webcams
  • World-leading 3D Face Matching rate at 1-in-12.8 million FAR at less than 1% FRR
  • Patented UI generates data-rich 3D FaceMaps™ from standard 2D cameras
  • $100,000 Spoof Bounty Program & Levels 1&2 Certified Liveness Detection
  • Unshareable, unphishable 3D FaceMaps ensure trust without creating a honeypot
  • IDV dashboard with integrated 1-to-N de-duplication & fraudulent user lists
  • Free OCR, barcode & NFC chip scanning for photo ID documents
  • Highly accurate 1-in-500,000 FAR 3D FaceMap-to-2D-photo-ID matching
  • Integrated anonymous age estimation and age checks
  • Fast, intuitive interface with 98-99% first-time-user success rates
  • Easy to integrate, customize, deploy and manage

Developers can download the FaceTec demo apps directly from FaceTec.com for iOS, Android and any webcam-enabled browser, and the developer SDKs are available free at Dev.FaceTec.com.


About FaceTec

Founded in 2013, with staff in the United States, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, and Singapore, FaceTec is the leading provider of 3D Face Verification and Authentication software, and has enabled over 350M unique individuals to prove their Liveness remotely. FaceTec's patented, industry-leading Certified 3D Liveness Detection, 3D face matching, optical character recognition, and age estimation technology biometrically binds the unique, live, 3D user to their account, anchoring a secure chain of trust for mobile and web applications.

For more information and business inquiries, please visit FaceTec.com. For media inquiries, please contact John Wojewidka at JohnW@FaceTec.com