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Welcome to the new era of crypto


Authentication layer powering Trust Scoring

Trust Scoring for the Crypto Metaverse 

In the Metaverse where transactions on the blockchain are trustless and processed using  technology, the missing link is the personal experience. With the Avarta Trust Score, a person can create an “avarta” to join communities, build reputations, and interact with other avatars in the Metaverse.

Avarta ReimagineS Trust through the layers 


Overcollateralization of DeFi Loans

Avarta trust Scoring 

Avarta's multi-chain wallet aggregator allows for Trust Scoring giving users access to differentiated products such as lower collateralized loans.


Increased Regulations 

Avarta Network with Antibot feature

Avarta Network with Antibot feature helps decentralised applications (Dapps) to become compliant and prevent malicious bots from draining their liquidity by validation of users based on pre-defined rules. 


Rise of cybercrimes and rudimentary security of wallet 

Private Keyless Biometrics Wallet 

Powered by Patents, Avarta Wallet is a multi-chain multi-asset wallet that protects every single transaction.

Your Wallets in One Place

Provides the highest level of security through a unique patented blend of biometric authentication that capture the mobile device behavior without the need for passwords, pins, or security tokens. Link your wallets to have a single pane of clarity.
Support the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Keeps track of all DeFI transactions in one place

Leverage your Digital Self

Replace complex private keys with your digital self. With Avarta’s patented biometrics system, users control which information forms part of their digital identity, allowing access of certain information to trusted parties and gaining priority access to regulated platforms that whitelisting.


Building further on the decentralized Identity Management building blocks on multiple chains, Avarta is able to come up with a Trust scoring of the aggregated wallets across chains. 

This Trust scoring can help to identify and differentiate users based on multiple fields for the purposes of:  
Better collateralization rates and differentiated DeFi offerings for users with better risk profiles
Single point of whitelisting (with ability to share information across multiple DeFi projects across chains) for a set of wallets owned by a single user on the wallet aggregator
Building up of Online reputation in the Metaverse with a strong score would be a badge of honour. Users enjoy perks (priority access to events, hot projects & exclusive membership clubs etc)


One reason for collateralization could be borrower's identity, credit history and other assets are hidden from the lenders. 

More intelligence can be contributed through the Avarta Networks: 
  • Monitoring of wallets' financial health
  • Availability of other assets with a valid "liquid position" or for further collaterialisation
  • Borrowing history of the borrower

Seamless Transition Between Metaverses

With the help of Avarta technology and our Trust Score, metaverse users will be able to seamlessly transit from one game or application to another just in a few clicks without losing their virtual identity. Imagine you have the same avatar with the same identity, reputation, and credit score.


Every Metaverse feels like home! Various metaverse ecosystems and worlds - one trusted identity!

Get priority access to the following:
  • Exclusive items and limited goods
  • Better loan rates
  • Elite metaverse guilds
  • Membership clubs
  • And many more exciting things!




Technologist & Angel Investor

Prince Abdul Qawi is the chairman of the National Insurance Co Bhd of Brunei. He has invested in multiple projects previously in high profile listed and non-listed companies.


Chief Executive Officer
Serial Tech Entrepreneur

As an investor and experienced investment professional, Matthew has had successful tech exits. He also holds patents in biometric platforms and authentication.


Chief Operation Officer
Experienced Finance Professional & Entrepreneur

Hong Loon, CFA certified, is a serial entrepreneur with a strong financial background. He has experience in Deutsche Bank, MUFG and a leading family office advising governments and central banks.


Chief Technology Officer

Jorden was previously from Standard Chartered’s Digital Assets team, BMW Group’s Blockchain Engineering team and J.P. Morgan’s Software Engineering team. He has won several global hackathons and was the lead author for a peer-reviewed technical paper on enhancing consensus mechanisms via quantum computing techniques.


Chief Security Officer

Michael has over 15 years of experience in both private and public sectors, providing assurance and advisory services particularly on ethical hacking and has helped his clients improve their cybersecurity defenses.


Chief Product Officer
Blockchain Author

Belinda is the highly acclaimed Author of "Blocklass". A five year veteran, she had advised several blockchain startups. She is also a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).


Head of Partnerships and Strategy

Pavlos has an extensive network in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is the leading advisor to Lydia capital, a blockchain VC that takes early stage positions.


Security Engineer

Artur is an experienced cyber security specialist. He has previously worked with several blockchain projects; achieving compliance with local laws and developing secure approaches for business processes.


Community Lead

Daniel is a veteran blockchain advocate. He has been instrumental in community roles for projects including RSK and Fantom.


Head of Business Development

Ross has over 10 years of experience in creator economy and gaming, primarily focused on marketing and partnerships. He has previously worked with several blockchain projects and leading esports brands.


Content Lead

Jack is an experienced crypto content marketing professional who started his cryptojourney in 2016. He’s served close to 40 different crypto brands in his career and believes privacy is the biggest and most important benefit afforded by blockchain technology.



Blockchain Aficionado & Investor

Barry brings significant relationship building a cross a diverse and holistic network. His experience as both a Blockchain Aficionado & Investor allows him to understand projects intimately from both a strategic and technology stand point.


CFA Tokenomics Advisor

Roderick is a CFA Charter holder with 10 years’ experience spanning infrastructure finance; start-up funding; and operational finance. He has advised 20blockchain projects by sharing his tokenomics design services and strategic guidance.


Founder of CRT Capital

Vinson is a veteran of advising blockchain projects.He brings a rich history of successful listings and community building as founder of Crypto RoundTable as well as his own entrepreneurial achievements.

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CEO of Switchnovate

Hock Lai is the CEO of Switchnovate, co-chairman of the Blockchain Association Singapore and former (founding) president of the Singapore Fintech Association. He is also advisor and investor to numerous startups.

Coach K

Co-founder Alpha Trading Algos

Known as Coach K, Joel is a fund manager for Alpha Stone Capital and the Co-founder of Alpha Trading Algos. He’s a well-known connector and advisor in the blockchain ecosystem having worked with over 30 projects in the last 5 years. A financial market educator, blockchain and cryptocurrency educator, speaker, and host of his YouTube channel, Coach K is known as a Swiss army knife of trading, a builder, investor, trader, connector that has mastered tokenomics.

Wen Loong

Venture Partner at Qredo Limited

Wen Loong is an active angel investor, advisor, and full-time Venture Partner at Qredo Limited. He is also an advisor to Tembusu Partners, having overseen their entire blockchain and cryptocurrency portfolio previously.

Pak Lum

Managing Partner at Tembusu

Mock retired as CTO of StarHub, the second largest telco in Singapore, in August 2017. He is currently the managing partner of the Tembusu Blockchain Technology Fund and an active investor in Blockchain and Crypto projects.

Hock Yun

Managing Partner at Tembusu

Hock Yun, a Harvard Business School alumnus, is Managing Partner (Block Chain Fund 1 and 2) at Tembusu Partners, a Founding Board Member of the Klaytn Foundation, Senior Advisor with the Aedge Group Limited and Strategic Advisor to Avarta. He has more than 30 years of experience in both public and private sector organizations.

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