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What Blockchain Gaming Needs to do to Join the Ranks of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo

The blockchain space has seen exponential growth over the last decade. The space has gone from a niche corner of the internet only attracting tech and finance enthusiasts to being adopted by some of the world's largest companies and personalities. However, there is still a long way to go before blockchain and digital assets can be considered mainstream. ‍One sector with the most potential to reach mass adoption is blockchain gaming. The sector has grown rapidly recently, with the number of blockchain games doubling in the past year.‍While blockchain gaming has flirted with the traditional, mainstream gaming industry, it has yet to really push through and become an integral part. For the space to survive, it needs to progress past being used exclusively by enthusiasts and be adopted by a more mainstream audience. ‍What exactly is needed for blockchain gaming to be a part of the larger, traditional ecosystem and appear on Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft's gaming platforms? 

Weekly Gaming News: NFT World's to Create Minecraft-like Game, Square Enix Starts NFT Plans, Animoca Brands launches DAO and More

Welcome back to Avarta's weekly gaming news round-up. ‍This week we cover many exciting developments happening in the space. ‍First, we cover Square Enix's first NFT project. Then we cover Bounty Temple's loft goals, NFT World's plans to create its own Minecraft-like game, Animoca Brands launches DAO and TenthPlanets' two upcoming blockchain games. ‍This week's blockchain gaming news update will cover all this and more. 

Weekly Gaming News: GameStop and Rainmaker Launch NFT Marketplaces, Animoca Finishes $75 Million fundraiser, and Magic Eden Launch Gaming Venture Arm

Welcome back to Avarta's weekly gaming news round-up. ‍This was another exciting week for the blockchain gaming space as big companies joined the fray, and well-established ones continue their pursuit to bring the decentralized future to gaming!‍First up, GameStop has launched its much anticipated NFT marketplace and surpassed Coinbase NFTs in sales volume in under 48 hours. ‍Next, we go over Rainmaker game's new cross-chain NFT marketplace for blockchain games, Animoca's $75 Million fundraiser and Magic Eden's new gaming venture arm.‍This week's blockchain gaming news update will cover all this and more. 

Weekly Gaming News: Former Head of TikTok Gaming Launches Blockchain Gaming Company, Konvoy, Cauldron, and Planetarium Labs Raise Funds, Wemade Launches WEMIX PLAY Hub

Welcome back to Avarta's weekly gaming news round-up. ‍This week shows that the blockchain gaming space has continued to prosper despite the recent digital asset crash. ‍The top story is the former head of TikTok gaming launching a blockchain agnostic gaming company. Konvoy, Cauldron, and Planetarium Labs have all raised funding to help improve their platforms and develop new blockchain-based games. Finally, Wemade launches its WEMIX PLAY hub with 16 blockchain games already available. ‍This week's blockchain gaming news update will cover all this and more. 

The Different Types of ‘Blank-to-Earn’ Games & their Positive Impact on the World

As the blockchain space has grown, the number of use cases spawned from it is staggering. Companies are finding countless ways of putting this innovative technology to use. ‍One of the more prevalent types is the ‘blank-to-earn’ games. This blanket term can refer to a number of different games that have incorporated blockchain into their infrastructure to allow players to earn while they play. There is play-to-earn, walk-to-earn, exercise-to-earn, and explore-to-earn, all with different benefits. These are collectively known as GameFi. ‍These innovative game types ensure that gamers can earn while interacting with some of their favourite games. Now the favourite pass time of many can be more than just fun; but also a way to make some additional capital. ‍Through this article, we will break down each category of blank-to-earn games to educate on what they are and how they can improve life and the world.

Weekly Gaming News: P12 Closes $8 Million Funding Round; Polium Announces Blockchain Console; BattleFly Joins TreasureDAO; & More

Welcome back to Avarta's weekly gaming news round-up. ‍The past week has seen a lot of development in the blockchain gaming space despise the recent crashes in the digital asset space. ‍This edition will cover Project Twelve's closing of an $8 Million funding round and launching a Genesis NFT Airdrop; Polium announces a new blockchain console; BattleFly joins TreasureDAO: Himo World announces its open beta; and finally, Galaxy Survivor launches. ‍This week's blockchain gaming news update will cover all this and more. 

Weekly Gaming News: New Games from G4AL & PlayStation Devs, Oasys Partner with ConsenSys, & New Report Shows Massive Growth in the Space

Welcome back to Avarta's weekly gaming news round-up. This week has a lot of exciting news for the blockchain gaming space. This edition will cover G4AL's new free-to-play game, Catheon Gaming hiring Mark Aubrey as new CEO, Oasys' partnership with ConsenSys, and a new triple-A Web3 game from Playstation veterans.

Weekly Gaming News: Merit Circle & YGG Gaming End Partnership, Catheon Gaming Partners w/ Kungfu Dama, Playful Studio Raises $46M for Web3 Game, & More

This week has seen a lot of news related to partnerships. Merit Circle and YGG Gaming end their partnership; Catheon Gaming partners with Kungfu Dama to build a new AAA title; Sknups and Dolce & Gabbana form a partnership. This week's blockchain gaming news update will cover all that and more.

Avarta Co-Founder and CEO Matthew Ainscow is attending the Point Zero Forum in Zurich Next Week

It's official! Our Co-founder and CEO Matthew Ainscow is attending one of the premier international fintech conferences in the world next week in Zürich, Switzerland, Point Zero Forum. The event runs from 21 to 23 June 2022.

Weekly Gaming News: GRIT to Launch on Epic Games Store, to NFL Partners with Mythical Games to Create Blockchain Game, & More

Welcome to Avarta's first-ever weekly gaming news round up.This particular round up focuses on arguably the most exciting aspect of Web3. Good old-fashioned gaming (reimagined on the blockchain and with a play-to-earn model that puts money back into your hands instead of centralized gaming companies of course).