Ajuna joins with Avarta to secure blockchain gaming

●     Biometric multi-chain wallet protects player assets

●     Trust scoring promotes a healthy gaming community

●     Interoperable platform gives a taste of the emerging metaverse

The Ajuna ecosystem is a community-governed network that enables developers to build interoperable games in which players have full control of their assets, both bought and earned. When playable characters, upgrades, and features can be brought out of their original games and into new environments, that opens up worlds of excitement and economic opportunity – but security is crucial. That’s where Avarta comes in, providing a keyless, multi-chain, multi-asset wallet to protect those vital gaming assets. On top of that, Avarta trust scoring forms a mechanism for reputation and community building within the extended inter-game environment.

Avarta CEO Matthew Ainscow said: “Ajuna’s interoperable platform shows the way forward for online gaming – exciting cross-world adventures are combined with new earning opportunities. Gaming is carving out a space right at the heart of the emerging metaverse, and supported by Avarta security, Ajuna will be at the forefront of this new wave of user experience.”

Cedric Decoster, CEO of Ajuna, said: “For blockchain games to realize their potential, especially when assets are moved across chains, platforms need robust security mechanisms. Players need to know that the hours they spend leveling up are not at risk from bad actors. Avarta’s combined secure wallet and trust score analysis gives the reassurance needed to engage users and unlock new levels of adventure – for gamers as well as developers.”

About AjunaNetwork

Ajuna is a decentralized community-governed ecosystem built on the blockchain. The network is the fastest growing community for gamers to connect with the world’s leading developers and play the most innovative games, own game items and unlock new revenue streams. The Ajuna Network aims to become the most trusted gaming hub for incentivized games and eSport competitors by enabling developers to seamlessly integrate games on the blockchain and for gamers to have complete control over their digital assets.
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About Avarta

Avarta has developed an unrivaled high-security multi-chain wallet that uses keyless biometric authentication technology and trust score analysis to eliminate criminal activity on blockchain applications. With Avarta’s innovative technology, the blockchain ecosystem provides users with a secure DeFi environment where they can transfer fiat currencies, crypto assets, and NFTs with confidence. The Avarta wallet is the safest online space for users to store their digital tokens.
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