Avarta Joining Forces with Equinox Business to Introduce the World to ORG 3.0

Avarta is partnering with Equinox Business, a blockchain platform dedicated to serving community driven business enterprises. It is a cohesive set of decentralised applications that work collectively to create a DAO from scratch and do critical business operations using business dApps over Binance smart chain.
The first objective of this strategic partnership is to explore ways for Equinox Business to implement Avarta’s Trust Scoring, multichain biometrics, and whitelisting capabilities for DAO authentication and for seamless and secured transactions using Equinox’s DeFi tools.
For Avarta, the agreement represents an opportunity to explore the utility of the Equinox Business DAO infrastructure, including its integrated decentralized applications, toolkit, open-source protocols to facilitate Web3 projects with a comprehensive smart contract environment to transform into full scale digital enterprises.

Matthew Ainscow, CEO of Avarta commented on the partnership:

“Joining forces with Equinox Business is an exciting opportunity. Their DAO infrastructure added with Avarta's Trust Scoring, multichain biometrics, and whitelisting capabilities cross border teams to form an On-chain verifiable DAO in minutes and aid them to trustlessly perform will be a paradigm shift for crucial business operations on Public blockchain.”

Tushar Singh Sengar, Co-Founder and CEO of Equinox Business added his perspective:

“Building out entire organizational processes on the blockchain means adopting an unparalleled level of security. We believe Avarta’s Trust Scoring methodologies possess undeniable potential. Coupling that with the project’s multichain biometrics and whitelisting capabilities is going to help take our vision for leading the charge to ORG 3.0 to a whole new level.”

About Equinox Business

Equinox Business’s No code web infrastructure facilitates enterprising teams to create DAOs in seconds and to use its decentralized ecosystem to perform their critical operations using integrated business dApps over secure and trustless smart contract protocols.

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About Avarta

Avarta reimagines trust for DeFi and Web 3.0 applications bringing a trustless computation security-enabled identity wallet that leverages biometrics and device data for all users to the blockchain and proprietary Trust Scoring methodologies.

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