Avarta partners Sproutie on Trust in the Metaverse

Avarta and Sproutie are working together to revolutionize the Metaverse through a planned pilot use of a dynamic Trust Scoring system. Sproutie will use Avarta Trust scoring system to help its users navigate the anonymous Metaverse world fraught with malicious actors and unauthorised transactions. 

Sproutie is World’s 1st Metaverse and NFT based game-based games supported by the investors such as New Era Capital, Rogue Digital Ventures, Probit Global, Hinterland Capital, etc. With Avarta Trust Score incorporated, users can build communities around trust and trade their Sproutie NFTs with fellow trusted counterparts. 

Japhet Lim, Managing Director of Sproutie commented:

It is a wonderful collaboration — Players in Sproutie can now enjoy P2P interactions safely because of Avarta. 

Matthew Ainscow, Chief Executive Officer of Avarta commented:

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the progression of the Metaverse, where users can finally build trusted profiles of themselves and leverage unique benefits. 

About Sproutie 

Sproutie is a multiplayer cooking and virtual farming game, where any player globally can hire farmers to work on virtual farms, collect valuable NFTs and FETs, harvest food ingredients prepare new dishes and compete in leaderboards to earn platform tokens. This revolutionary game is currently at its private fund raising round with a playable demo and is inspired by successful games such as Animal Crossing, Overcook and Farmville. 


About Avarta

Avarta protocol deploys a three-layered solution to address authentication and identification issues in the DeFi space. The security layer is centered around a biometric-secured multi-signature, multi-chain wallet that safeguards every transaction. Avarta’s compliance layer features a validation mechanism that combines transactional data with third party information that helps Dapps remain compliant. The differentiation layer addresses overcollateralisation in DeFi via Avarta’s Trust Scoring mechanism to offer users collateralisations that match their risk profiles.

Avarta is partnered and backed by the likes of X21, Andromeda Capital, GHAF Capital Partners, Maven Capital, CRT Capital and Magnus Capital.

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