Avarta Partners with Coinlink

Avarta, a high-security multi-chain wallet, has partnered with Coinlink, a trading platform that gives users the flexibility to trade Cardano, Ethereum, Polygon and BSC across multiple platforms. Coinlink removes the burden for less tech-savvy users to switch between blockchains. Their one-stop solution enables users to swap, lend and borrow cryptos. In conjunction with Avarta’s multi-chain wallet, sealed with military-grade security and biometric authentication and proof of identity protocols, the partnership is expected to make trustless DeFi applications accessible to the wider public.

Coinlink’s CEO & CO-Founder, Thomas Pletl commented:

“Avarta’s level of authentication assurance is the most secure wallet on the blockchain and because their trustless application does not breach privacy laws, we have a real-world application in which users can safely store crypto assets. The Coinlink token is designed as a system of governance and aims to make blockchains fully transparent so that users can seamlessly invest, buy and sell anything from their digital devices. This partnership transforms DeFi systems from potential ideas to possible ideals.”

Matthew Ainscow, CEO of Avarta said:

“Avarta and Coinlink share the same vision in developing a multi-chain platform that enables users to trade crypto assets seamlessly between blockchains. Not only does Coinlink facilitate the movement of cryptocurrencies across multi-chain platforms, but it also bridges multiple blockchains so you can execute a single transaction using more than one token. Their technology is a precise match for the Avarta Wallet.”

About Coinlink

Coinlink is a multichain aggregation service that connects all DeFi services on Ethereum, Cardano, Polygon and BSC. Their Smart Routing feature enables you to start with an asset on one blockchain and have it routed to another blockchain with as few steps of confirmation as technology currently permits. Making transactions on the blockchain is as easy as logging into your mobile banking account.

About Avarta

Avarta has developed a high-security wallet that streamlines transactions from a single point of entry. With keyless biometric technologies, the company’s military-grade security technology promotes a permissionless environment in which users can securely and seamlessly exchange a multitude of cryptocurrencies with limited risk. In addition, their Trust Score system means the risk of trading crypto assets is lowered as blockchain adoption increases.

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