Avarta partners with Epic Meta to create a secure, coherent Metaverse experience

Avarta is partnering with Epic Meta, a Fantasy Play-to-earn talent management game on creating a secure Metaverse experience with a coherent identity across different worlds. Epic Meta aims to provide alternative revenue streams for gamers by leveraging on blockchain technology. They do this by producing licensed NFT Esports player cards, which can be utilised in their Fantasy Play-to-earn talent management game. Community members who play their game will act as a "Talent Manager", and build a team of Esports personalities. The NFTs they collect will be assigned a score based on the Esports personality's performance in real life.

Esports personalities who create these NFTs will receive royalties whenever these NFTs are traded. Team scores will be collated at the end of the week and those who top the leaderboards will stand a chance to win rare NFTs or Epic Meta Tokens.

The partnership between Avarta and Epic Meta marks the start of an exciting era, where valuable NFTs and other digital assets for the community can be protected in an innovative manner and after which, be leveraged upon to build trust through Avarta Trust Scoring system. Other areas for collaboration includes exploration of a coherent identity for Epic Meta members to travel across virtual worlds with assets portability. 

Leonard Wee, CEO of Epic Meta commented:

Safekeeping and security of digital assets has always been the forefront of our concerns when we started Epic Meta. Partnering up due to Avarta's biometrics system was a no-brainer for a company such as ours which is producing IP-backed digital assets. However, what really impressed us was the trust scoring system which would go a long way in value-adding to our NFT lending and borrowing features on our platform. We're excited for this collaboration opportunity and look forward to working more closely together in the year ahead!

Matthew Ainscow, Chief Executive Officer of Avarta commented:

“We are delighted to partner Epic Meta with our unique Trust Scoring system and security stack. The Epic Meta team cares for their community and is relentless on the creation of the best experience. Together, we are confident of reimagining the future of the Metaverse.” 

About Epic Meta 

Epic meta aims to leverage on blockchain technology to create an equitable and sustainable ecosystem for professional gamers and fans alike. For more information, please visit our website, join our Telegram community discussion group and announcement channel. 

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About Avarta

Avarta protocol deploys a three-layered solution to address authentication and identification issues in the DeFi space. The security layer is centered around a biometric-secured multi-signature, multi-chain wallet that safeguards every transaction. Avarta’s compliance layer features a validation mechanism that combines transactional data with third party information that helps Dapps remain compliant. The differentiation layer addresses overcollateralisation in DeFi via Avarta’s Trust Scoring mechanism to offer users collateralisations that match their risk profiles.

Avarta is partnered and backed by the likes of X21, Andromeda Capital, GHAF Capital Partners, Maven Capital, CRT Capital and Magnus Capital.

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