Avarta partners with Libre DeFi to provide frictionless decentralized finance for the masses

Avarta is partnering with Libre DeFi, a multi-chain DeFi platform for all, to introduce a new era of frictionless decentralized finance for the masses. Crypto DeFi should be made available to everyone and everywhere, but often DeFi is limited to a few larger wallets that are able to take advantage of over-collateralized loans to exploit DeFi protocols, leaving nothing for the average retail investor. This partnership strive to break the barriers that prevent equitable participation, through the Avarta trust score reducing collateralization rates on Libre DeFi platform. 

Libre Defi is the complete multi-Chain decentralized ecosystem with the ethos to create a “one-stop-shop” for all things DeFi. Some of the features the Libre DeFi platform offers include: 

  • Peerless token swaps;
  • Single asset entry, one-click yield farming protocol; 
  • Stablecoins ($USDL) with guaranteed 1:1 peg with the US Dollar;
  • Governance for voting on various proposals having to do with the Libre ecosystem 

Avarta, together with the Libra DeFi team, serves to unleash the unlimited potential of DeFi with the core pillars of transparency, security and inclusivity. This marks the start of intentional vision for financial inclusion, a world where everyone can have the tools to not only meet their daily needs, but to also grow wealth for themselves, their families, and their communities.  


Julian Vasil, CEO of Libre DeFi commented:

We’re thrilled to be announcing a partnership with Avarta.  We’re looking forward to bringing trust and transparency to DeFi and Web 3.0 by exploring different synergies and ways of collaboration with the Avarta team. We’re excited to be working together to bring DeFi to the masses in a frictionless and accessible manner.

Matthew Ainscow, Chief Executive Officer of Avarta commented:

“We are delighted to partner Libre DeFi, where this collaboration represents a unique opportunity to innovate and serve the masses. We are confident together, we can ease the challenges of complex key phrases, complicated DeFi processes and level the playing field.” 

About Libre DeFi 

Libre is a next-gen DeFi protocol that provides a scalable, all-inclusive, cross-chain platform for new and veteran cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. The ethos of Libre is to provide “DeFi for all” by allowing users to take advantage of all of the benefits DeFi has to offer under one roof. With its simultaneous launch on BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche, Libre combines components of influential DeFi projects to bring one holistic platform that comes with all-encompassing features for crypto enthusiasts. What started out as a Single Asset Entry yield farming and staking protocol, is quickly growing into a host of additional features such as a DEX, Stablecoin, Retail Marketplace, NFT platform, Launchpad, and much more


About Avarta

Avarta protocol deploys a three-layered solution to address authentication and identification issues in the DeFi space. The security layer is centered around a biometric-secured multi-signature, multi-chain wallet that safeguards every transaction. Avarta’s compliance layer features a validation mechanism that combines transactional data with third party information that helps Dapps remain compliant. The differentiation layer addresses overcollateralisation in DeFi via Avarta’s Trust Scoring mechanism to offer users collateralisations that match their risk profiles.

Avarta is partnered and backed by the likes of X21, Andromeda Capital, GHAF Capital Partners, Maven Capital, CRT Capital and Magnus Capital.

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