Avarta X finance.vote

Avarta is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with finance.vote, a leading DAO Tooling provider that offers an innovative suite of collective intelligence and governance tools that enhances the dialogue to high-stakes on-chain governance decisions. This project aims to provide permissionless networks with the tools to share market information on the most viable assets, determine price discovery, pool assets and make collectivised trading decisions without interference from a centralized entity that controls the network.

Dr. Nick Almond, Founder and Protocol Leader of finance.vote said:

“We think it’s important for minority stakeholders on the network to have a voice and DAO tools help us to achieve that. In a blockchain democracy, it’s very difficult for governments or powerful entities to take total control. We’re delighted to team up with Avarta and improve their already formidable ecosystem that includes a permissionless Trust Score system, Whitelisting and biometric authentication.”

Matthew Ainscow, CEO of Avarta said:

“Decentralization leads to fragmented governance whereby a handful of people that hold the most tokens have the majority of power; such as a bank for example. dApps level the playing field by providing all users with tools that eliminate a single person, small group or entity from taking control of the network. We believe the DAO tools offered by finance.vote significantly upgrade the governance capabilities for the Avarta token and the entire DeFi ecosystem as a whole. Partnering with finance.vote is the final piece of the jigsaw.”

About Finance.Vote

finance.vote has developed a quadratic voting and NFT identity system that facilitates social consensus formation across a range of use cases. Utilizing smart contracts and peer-to-peer governance built on the blockchain, our advanced suite of dApps enables anyone that holds digital tokens to curate emerging markets in a DeFi environment, generate public consensus and invest with confidence without the need for a middleman.

About Avarta

Avarta provides the DeFi ecosystem with a decentralized multi-chain wallet equipped with military-grade security biometric identity technologies users control from a mobile device or computer. Avarta’s cutting edge solutions include Trust Score capabilities, whitelisting and non-custodial smart contracts that provide an ultra-secure permissionless environment where anyone can acquire and trade crypto assets without having to undergo KYC or get permission from a third party.

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