Avarta x Unstoppable Domains

Avarta is collaborating with Unstoppable Domains to help onboard users into the Web3 environment and protect valuable NFTs and other digital assets. As one of the world’s leading providers of blockchain-based domains and user-owned, user-controlled identity, Unstoppable Domains enables users to leverage blockchain technology whilst Avarta’s innovative Trust Scoring system and biometric authentication protocols safeguards personal data without infringing privacy laws.

This exciting collaboration will enhance the user’s exploration of Avarta’s whitelisting and Trust scoring capabilities together with showcasing Unstoppable Domains’ product range. Through co-marketing campaigns, we hope to raise consumer awareness of the capabilities these revolutionary technologies offer the crypto industry.

Renaud Besnard, the Head of Growth and Marketing at Unstoppable Domains said:

“For the crypto industry to thrive, the right regulations and policies need to be in place. Avarta’s patented solutions provide essential security layers by enabling whitelisting and collateralization on DeFi lending without compromising the privacy of user data. We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting collaboration which we fully expect to add significant value to the security and authentication of blockchain domain users.”

Matthew Ainscow, Chief Executive Officer of Avarta commented:

“Collaborating with Unstoppable Domains enables the crypto community to take advantage of our unique Trust Scoring system and security stack from the outset. The Avarta team cares for the safety of DeFi transactions and provide the blockchain community with solutions that enhance security, trustless transactions and a seamless user experience.”

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains facilitates the transition to a decentralized web by building blockchain-based domain names. Their mission to shape the future of a free Internet is made possible by creating domains that simplify crypto payments and allow users to send cryptocurrencies to a recipient’s NFT address. Because NFT domains are owned and not rented, users only pay a one-time fee and reduce the risk of sending payment to the wrong address.

About Avarta

Avarta deploys a three-layered solution that resolves authentication and identification issues in the DeFi space. The security layer is centred around a biometrical-secured, multi-chain, multi-signature blockchain wallet that incorporates a decentralized identity management system with a risk-based scoring mechanism. Avarta’s compliance layer features a validation mechanism that combines transactional data with third-party information and adds real-world value that should satisfy regulators and lawmakers who hold the power to shape the future of the crypto economy.

Avarta is partnered and backed by the likes of X21, Andromeda Capital, GHAF Capital Partners, Maven Capital, CRT Capital and Magnus Capital.

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