Coach K joins the Avarta Board as Strategic Advisor

Avarta is excited to welcome Joel Kovshoff, better known as Coach K to join the team as a strategic advisor. Joel is the founder of Alpha Stone Capital and having spent thousands of hours studying and analyzing trading charts, has earned a reputation as a trading specialist with “alpha skills”. His considerable experience as a crypto insider and investment teacher together with his wealth of experience managing various fund operations including risk aversion, PR, marketing and token model strategies, Coach K offers Avarta an invaluable resource that will help to accelerate the company’s projected roadmap.

Coach K is an expert in go-to-market strategy, platform growth and industry best practices. His role as a strategic advisor will be to develop Avarta’s business growth and provide industry insights that enable the company to capitalize on investment opportunities and identify progressive innovation within the blockchain ecosystem.

According to Coach K, “Avarta provides crypto users with a high-security wallet that is unrivalled in the blockchain metaverse. They make it easy to onboard lots of people and provide a safe environment without breaching privacy rights. It’s an exciting project and undoubtedly makes cryptocurrency holdings more secure.”  

About Coach K
Known as Coach K, Joel is a fund manager for Alpha Stone Capital and the Co-founder of Alpha Trading Algos. He’s a well-known connector and advisor in the blockchain ecosystem having worked with over 30 projects in the last 5 years. A financial market educator, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency educator, speaker, and host of his YouTube channel, Coach K is known as a Swiss army knife of trading, a builder, investor, trader, connector that has mastered tokenomics.

About Avarta
Avarta provides a multi-chain crypto wallet that delivers advanced solutions for proofing and authenticating user identity. Utilizing an innovative blend of keyless biometric technologies with some of the world’s leading crypto companies, the company’s military-grade security technology promotes a trustless environment for crypto companies and the wider public.