Avarta is Pleased to Announce the Backing of MH Ventures

We firmly believe that MH Venture’s connection to influential crypto communities will help to advance our project and promulgate mass adoption and we thank them for their support and shared vision.

“As the crypto industry matures, we want to support asset classes that add real value to the DeFi ecosystem and Web 3.0 infrastructure. Every transaction requires trust among the parties involved and Avarta’s technology embraces the core values of a trustless system. We truly believe Avarta’s biometric and military-grade security provides an ultra-safe and transparent environment which satisfies regulations and guards the interests of firms and individuals lending or investing in crypto assets.”

- MH Ventures

About MH Ventures 

MH Ventures is a community-backed fundraising venture capital investing in blockchain projects that realistically advance the development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. The company underscores the collective power of like-minded individuals pulling together by providing access to the best crypto assets that are unattainable elsewhere.

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Avarta is rapidly expanding its drive to create a next-gen layer of authentication and form an institutional environment that redefines the existing financial system. Backed by patents, our biometric cross-chain wallet aggregator and innovative cross-chain credit scoring system privately store the users' full transaction history and safeguard the data with a unique, secure and reliable solution. By injecting decentralized governance and biometric access mechanics, the DeFi ecosystem is on the path to reaching full maturity.

Avarta is partnered and backed by the likes of X21, Andromeda Capital, GHAF Capital Partners, Maven Capital, CRT Capital and Magnus Capital.

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