New partnership with Regtank

Avarta is pleased to announce a new partnership with Regtank, a next-generation risk-based compliance solution that makes it easy for firms in the fintech arena to onboard and navigate DeFi environments. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Regtank digital workflows enable users to screen KYCs, perform risk assessments, keep compliance records and detect potential fraud. Together with Avarta’s multi-chain biometrics, whitelisting and Trust score capabilities, this is a collaboration that facilitates governance in the fintech space and across the crypto ecosystem.

Megan Li, Founder of Regtank said:

“The collaboration with Avarta makes perfect sense for us. We both provide customers with advanced standards of authentication and proof of identity and with Avarta’s unrivalled Trust score and whitelisting records, we can help businesses and consumers utilise the might of the block with confidence. Our goal is to ensure that compliance regulations are met consistently and eliminate fraud from the digital environment.”

Matthew Ainscow, CEO of Avarta commented:

“Regtank’s team of financial specialists and world-class developers understand the complex ecosystem of compliance, risk management and security so their intuitive platform and built-in ID verification system will play a significant role in policing KYC obligations and eliminating the risk of fraud and money laundering.”

About Avarta

Avarta is a next-generation ID authentication system that utilises Trust Score and whitelisting capabilities to provide blockchain users with a reliable solution to confidently execute financial transactions in a trustless environment. Backed by patents, our innovative cross-chain credit scoring solution privately stores an entity's full transaction history and secures data in a DeFi environment that meets compliance benchmarks.

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About Regtank

Regtank is an all-in-one compliance platform that automates KYCs and imports a comprehensive cohort of analytics that significantly improves your compliance workflow. With a focus on empowering crypto assets, risk management and security, fintech companies can regulate the origin of crypto assets, quickly determine that compliance is met for every financial transaction and safeguard enterprises against illegal activity online. 

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