Avarta x SAFU

Avarta is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with safu.net, a decentralised smart contract-based application that delivers a full suite of innovative tools to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) DeFi ecosystem. The tools are built on an open-access multi-chain yield aggregator and governance protocol and to date include governance protocols that facilitates trading (SAFUSWAP), BSC project analysis (SAFUSCAN), aggregate smart contracts across multiple chains (SAFUBRIDGE), and invest in the NFT marketplace (SAFUNFT). 

Nassim Bouslama, Foundation Council Member at safu.net said:

"Because SAFUYIELD is a deflationary utility token and multi-chain aggregator, we needed a high-security wallet in which investors can store tokens over a long period with confidence. Avarta’s multi-chain biometric security and whitelisting capabilities are by far the most advanced digital wallet in the DeFi ecosystem which should give people more confidence to invest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.” 

Matthew Ainscow, CEO of Avarta commented: 

“We’re very impressed with the range of high-quality tools SAFU.NET offers to the DeFi ecosystem under one hood. This is a really exciting time for the cryptocurrency community as a whole and we’re really excited to have the guys from SAFU onboard as we ramp up the DeFi ecosystem to maximum security, seamless functionality and maximum capability.”

About Safu.net

Safu.net bring a suite of high-quality DeFi tools to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) including smart contracts aggregator and multi-chain functionality. The SAFUYIELD token is a deflationary token, 2% of which is automatically burned with each transaction. This keeps supply levels in check and encourages the community to hold the token and keep it in circulation to prevent inflation. As a result, the value of SAFUYIELD tokens increases.

Anyone is free to join the Safu.net community so get involved today: Website|Telegram

About Avarta 

Avarta has developed an unrivalled multi-chain wallet that uses keyless biometric authentication technology, trust score analysis and whitelisting to create military class security. We’re confident our technology creates a highly secure environment that eliminates criminal activity on blockchain applications by restricting transactions to verified and authorised endpoints. 

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