Vmates PR

Avarta is pleased to announce the collaboration with Vmates, an exciting new era social GameFi platform designed to help people adopt a new lifestyle, make new friends and earn financial rewards through non-fungible tokens. Vmates are newcomers to the gaming metaverse and give players the opportunity to adopt virtual pets, care for them and earn NFTs which can be used as a digital currency. The Vmates platform also encourages social interaction with other players, organise competitive games and build virtual relationships.  

Yuan An, Founder of Vmates explained:

“The metaverse is an alternative world experienced in the digital space but enables users to create their ideal reality where they can work, play, negotiate business contracts, buy property and socialize with real people in the virtual world. Vmates is a platform which allows players to care for virtual pets, play competitive games against other pet owners and collect a store of wealth through NFTs.”

Matthew Ainscow, CEO of Avarta commented:

“NFTs are hot-property right now and their popularity will continue to grow as more people convert to blockchain applications. Vmates is a brilliant opportunity to earn financial rewards, but more than that, it’s a way for people to adopt a new way of living, find purpose and meaning and make new friends. With such high levels of depression in the world right now, we believe that gaming platforms like Vmates can truly make a difference to people’s lives.”

About Avarta

Avarta provides blockchain users with a high-security multi-chain wallet that uses keyless biometric authentication technology and a Trust Score system that meets compliance regulations. The platform creates a secure DeFi environment that enables users to transfer fiat and cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and investments whilst significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent or other criminal activity. The Avarta wallet is the safest online space for users to store their digital tokens such as cryptos and NFTs.

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About Vmates

Vmates is a play-to-earn gaming experience that sits in the framework of the metaverse. With a focus on NFT incentives, the social GameFi platform rewards players with digital tokens which works as a financial utility such as a currency or investment tool. The game is designed to provide users with purpose and meaning by caring for virtual pets together with collaborating, competing, and socializing with other players to create strong virtual relationships.

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